Whether you are a prospective student, former student, or a member of the academic, business or general community, I wish to welcome you to this Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Dundalk Institute of Technology has undergone enormous change over the last 10 years. These changes are most visible in the transformation of the physical appearance of the campus, most particularly with the Wind Turbine, the T. K. Whitaker building, the Nursing and Health Studies building, Faulkner Student Services building and further expansion to the Regional Development Centre.

In January 2007 the new dedicated Restaurant and Mac Anna Theatre was completed. With the Civic Square that fronts this building and the Wind Turbine in the background, I predict that this area will be a focal point for the Institute in the future.

In 2010 the Carroll’s Building, which houses the the School of Informatics and Creative Arts was completed. At the same time that the Institute was expanding physically, the range and level of the programmes offered has been extended. In 2004, the Institute was delegated authority to offer degree and postgraduate programmes in all its Schools.