Arrow Functions

Arrow functions are another way to declare functions.

// using function keyword
function name() 
    return "Mary"

// using arrow function
name = () => 
  return "Mary"


If the function has only one statement, and the function returns a value, we can remove the curly brackets and the return keyword, as shown below:

name = () => "Mary"


Note that, if we include curly brackets (i.e. the function is in a block), then we must also include the return keyword, as shown below:

name = () => {return "Mary"}


If a function has only one parameter, we can remove the round brackets

/* With round brackets */
square = (number) => number * number

/* Without round brackets */
square = number => number * number


An arrow function cannot contain a line break between its parameters (i.e. the round brackets) and its arrow.

/* Syntax error */
result = ()
    => 1

/* This is allowed */
result = () =>

Search online and research why we should not replace every normal function with an arrow functions. Then:

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